Effects of Genotypes and Bagging Practice on Content of b-Carotene in Apple Fruits

  •  Dongjie Jia    
  •  Lianmei Fan    
  •  Gengsen Liu    
  •  Junling Shen    
  •  Chenglian Liu    
  •  Yongbing Yuan    


b-Carotene content in apple fruits of different cultivars was determined by HPLC to provide some basic information for evaluating fruit quality and for controlling b-carotene of apples with orchard practices and biotechnology. Results showed that b-carotene content in apples was different with various cultivars and strains, orchard practices (bagging or not) and different parts (peel or flesh). b-Carotene content in Fuji Yanfu 3 was higher than Royal Gala and Tuscan. As to the same cultivar, Fuji, b-carotene content in Fuji Beni Shogun, an earlier maturation strain, was higher than Fuji Yanfu 3, a striped red color strain, and higher than Fuji Yanfu 6, a blush red color strain. b-Carotene content of apple peel was usually higher than that of the flesh. b-Carotene content of the peel and flesh in Fuji Yanfu 3 apples was reduced by 30.43% and 4.38% respectively by paper bagging. It suggested that it is possible to produce higher b-carotene content apples with selected cultivars or strains and proper practices.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.