Molecular Cloning and Phylogenetic Analysis of Two Plant-Parasitic Nematode 14-3-3 Genes

  •  Dandan Liu    
  •  Lijie Chen    
  •  Yuxi Duan    


Full-length cDNA sequences of highly conserved ubiquitous 14-3-3 proteins were cloned from plant parasitic Heterodera glycines and Meloidogyne incognita using RT-PCR and RACE methods. The two genes were named as Hgly2 and Minc3, respectively. Hgly2 consisted of nucleotide sequence of 1027bp and Minc3 of 1525 bp. And the open reading frames (ORF) encode peptide of 251 and 261 amino acids separately. Homology analysis showed that the deduced amino acid sequences shared the high homology with different nematode species. The phylogenetic analysis indicated that the proteins from plant parasitic nematode were more similar to insect proteins than plant and other animal proteins reported by previous research.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.