Genetic Analysis of Segregation Distortion of SSR Markers in F2 Population of Barley

  •  Xianjun Liu    
  •  Jinmei You    
  •  Leilei Guo    
  •  Xinchun Liu    
  •  Yujing He    
  •  Jin'e Yuan    
  •  Guoxiang Liu    
  •  Zongyun Feng    


260 F2 individuals derived from the cross between a photoperiod-thermo-sensitive genic male sterile (PTGMS) barley line C54S and a barley elite cultivar 98-26 were used to construct a genetic linkage map. Fifty-one out of total 191 SSR markers were mapped on the 7 chromosomes covering 772.4 cM of barley genome, with the average intervals of 15.1 cM. Among the 65 polymorphic SSR locus, 22 locus (33.8%) showed genetic distortion (P<0.05), and all of them deviated toward female parent C54S. The highest distortion was observed on chromosome 4H. The two putative segregation distortion regions (SDRs) were detected on chromosome 5H and 6H, respectively. Some potential factors involved in the segregation distortion were discussed in this study.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.