An Analysis of Energy Use and Estimation of a Mechanization Index of Garlic Production in Iran

  •  Naeimeh Samavatean    
  •  Shahin Rafiee    
  •  Hossein Mobli    


This paper studies the energy balance between the input and the output per unit area for garlic in Hamedan province of Iran. In this study, data were collected by using random sampling method for 136 face to face questioners. Results showed that the highest share of energy consumption belongs to chemical fertilizers (41.7%) followed by diesel (13.94%). The results indicated that a total energy input of 40307.89MJ ha-1 was consumed for garlic production. The energy productivity and net energy value were estimated as 0.416 kg MJ-1 and-13477.82MJ ha-1, respectively. The ratio of energy outputs to energy inputs was approximately 0.665. The benefit-cost ratio was estimated as 1.36.mechanization degree (MD) was calculated for plowing and disk border were 100% and 20.65%, as the highest and lowest, respectively. The farms of between two to three hectares with 0.89 highest mechanization index (MI) and those Between one to two hectare with 0.6 lowest MI were remarkable.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.