The Initial Growth of Passion Fruit Plant Irrigated With Saline Water and the Application of Biostimulants

  •  Jolinda M. de Sá    
  •  Erllan T. C. Leitão    
  •  Camile D. L. Gomes    
  •  Marília H. B. S. Rodrigues    
  •  Valéria F. de O. Sousa    
  •  Gisele L. dos Santos    
  •  Raul A. P. de Melo    
  •  Antônio F. de Mendonça Júnior    
  •  Jhonatan S. P. de Lacerda    
  •  Adriana da S. Santos    


The salinity is one of the stresses that more limits the income of the agricultural cultures, mainly in areas semiarid as the Northeast, though, it is known that the biostimulants are substances capable to alter the metabolism of the plant and to favor development under adverse conditions of stresses. In this context, it was aimed at with this work to evaluate the initial growth of the passion fruit plant irrigated with saline water and the application of biostimulants. The experiment was conducted at the Federal University of Campina Grande, campus Pombal, in factorial outline 5 × 3, corresponding to five salinity levels (S1 = 0.3; S2 = 2.3; S3 = 3.3; S4 = 4.3 and S5 = 5.3 dS m-1) and two biostimulants (B1 = Acadian and B2 = Crop Set) and treatment testifies (without an application of biostimulant). The dose used for each product was 4 ml L-1 of Acadian and 3 ml L-1 of Crop Set. It was used seeds of the passion fruit of the variety BRS-giant, sowed in containers of black polypropylene of 400 ml, containing sand and substrate Carolina Soil, in the proportion 1:1. For the 32 days after the sowing was determined the height, the root length, the fresh and dry mass (aerial, root and total) of plants, the biomass production and the index of tolerance the salinity. The data were submitted to the variance analysis of the test F at the level of 5% of probability, and when significant, the averages were submitted to the test Tukey for both factors, saline levels and biostimulants. The use of vegetable biostimulants increases the initial growth of the yellow passion fruit plant. The salinity in the irrigation water attacks the growth, however, I use of the biostimulant Crop Set lessens the harmful effect in passion fruit seedlings.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.