Physicochemical and Health Promoting Properties of Everbearing Strawberry Cultivar, ‘Dekoruju’ Berries

  •  Takeshi Nagai    
  •  Norihisa Kai    
  •  Yasuhiro Tanoue    
  •  Nobutaka Suzuki    


Overall appearance on everbearing strawberry cultivar, ‘Dekoruju’ berries were observed. Berries were glossy and colors of skins and pulps were favorable (red-fleshed). An eating quality was good and berries had a favorable balance of sweetness and sourness because of higher sugar-acid ration (14.6) of berries. Berries were foods rich in vitamin B1 (0.35±0.02 mg/100 g FW) and phenol compounds (80.4±0.6 mg/100 g FW) such as anthocyanins and flavonoids. Extracts prepared from berries, especially in 100% concentration, almost completely inhibited linoleic acid peroxidation under the condition tested. These showed extremely high scavenging activities against specially superoxide anion (92.2±2.16%) and DPPH (> 100%) radicals in comparison with all commercially available natural or synthetic antioxidants tested. These also exhibited the foremost inhibitory activities against not only ACE (62.7±5.1%) but also hyaluronidase (67.6±3.5%), suggesting beneficial effects on anti-hypertension, anti-allergy, and anti-inflammatory. The present study indicated that fresh ‘Dekoruju’ berries may be considered as good sources of natural antioxidants such as phenol compounds (anthocyanins and flavonoids), and may contribute to maintain and promote health and to help protect body against chronic diseases and an allergy disease.

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