Physiological Potential Evaluation of Myracrodruon urundeuva Stored Diaspores

  •  Vanessa Renata de Sousa Barboza    
  •  Monalisa Alves Diniz da Silva    
  •  Luan Danilo Ferreira de Andrade Melo    
  •  Edilma Pereira Gonçalves    
  •  Jeandson Silva Viana    


The conservation of seeds in an appropriate location combined with the utilization of rapid tests for monitoring the physiological aspects is essential for quality seedlings. Thus, the study aimed to evaluate the behavior of Myracrodruon urundeuva diaspore under different periods and storage environments, and verify the testing of individual exudate pH in the physiological monitoring. The experimental design was completely randomized, factorial 2 × 8 (8 periods of storage and 2 storage environments) with four replications of 25 diaspores, using the Tukey test at 5% probability for average comparisons. After analysis of variance, it was performed regression analysis for the quantitative factor and simple Pearson correlation test. The variables analyzed were moisture content, seedling emergence (E) emergence velocity index (IVE), mean emergence time (TME) and the pH of the individual exudate. The results of E, IVE, TME tests indicated that the Myracrodruon urundeuva diaspores could be stored for ten months in room fridge, with low vigor loss. The pH test individual exudate showed lower estimates of simple Pearson correlation with the emergence test, not monitoring the physiological potential of Myracrodruon urundeuva diaspores.       

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.