Medicinal Plant Diversity and Vegetation Analysis of Logged over Hill Forest of Tekai Tembeling Forest Reserve, Jerantut, Pahang

  •  Norhajar Eswani    
  •  Kamziah Abd Kudus    
  •  M. Nazre    
  •  A.G. Awang Noor    
  •  M. Ali    


The study was carried out to analyze the species diversity and study of quantitative analysis of medicinal plants
in logged over forest in Tekai Tembeling Forest Reserve (TTFR). Four plots of 1-hectare size each were
established within the forest area. A total of 6788 individual medicinal trees and non trees representing 231
species, 179 genera and 87 families were recorded. The species area curve did not approach an asymptote
condition. The regression equation to estimate species richness was
with r2=0.95%. The most diverse species for trees was Cinnamomum porrectum and Lygodium circinnatum for
non trees. The most diverse plot was plot 2 with 7335 individuals and 188 species. Since the forest area was diverse
in medicinal species, it is necessary to begin conservation assessment that will improve medicinal plants

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.