Jiufeng Protected Area Biodiversity Threats Assessment

  •  Antoine Sambou    
  •  Shenggao Cheng    
  •  Lei Huang    
  •  Charles Nounagnon Gangnibo    


Located in the East of Wuhan City, Jiufeng Protected area is endowed with a rich biodiversity in diversity
landscape (Metasequoia forests, forest ponds, pine forest, Wetland pine, fir, cedar forest, Liquidambar forests,
oak forests massoniana and lobular, Lin and mushroom). The objectives of this study were to assess and
understand the biodiversity threats, evaluate activities, help prioritize and anticipate what threats might become
more severe in the future. Threat assessment was based on a review of peer articles and secondary data sources
such as key informant interviews. Interviews with local and provincial authorities and visits in the field were held
to gather information on Jiufeng protected area resources and biodiversity threats. This research was carried out on
June 2009. The Interviews, the literature review and field report showed that the biodiversity is threatened by a
variety of human activities and natural factors such as climate change and invasive alien species. These threats
can cause the biodiversity loss. In Jiufeng Protected Area, human activities such as land use and land cover
change, industrialization and pollution, tourism and recreation constitute threats for biodiversity.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.