Frozen Fish Markets and Marketing Problems in Ibadan, Nigeria

  •  Teslim Bada    
  •  M.A.Y. Rahji    


This paper examined the performance of the frozen fish markets in Ibadan, Nigeria in terms of price transmission,
market margins, marketing costs, and the magnitude of changes in these variables. The study revealed that the
average retail price for Mackerel is higher than that of Stockfish while that of Stockfish is greater than that of
Sadinela. The same pattern is observed for the wholesale prices, marketing costs and net margins. All the
measures used to assess the problems gave the same rank ordering. Power supply is first. This is followed by
storage, spoilage, transport cost, finance and lastly market levies. A high level of refrigeration is required. Hence
unstable power supply could result in spoilage or deterioration in the quality and economic value of fish. There is
the need for improvement in the fish market environment in terms of the provision of infrastructures such as
electricity and storage facilities.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.