Nutritional Requirement of Sugarcane Cultivars

  •  Vinicius Silva    
  •  Mauro Oliveira    
  •  Vilma Ferreira    
  •  Terezinha Oliveira    
  •  Elaine Galvão    
  •  Aleksandro Silva    
  •  Polyana Machado    


Sugarcane produces a large amount of biomass, extracts and accumulates high amounts of nutrients. In the literature the nutritional requirements for most cultivated varieties in the past are found, however there is little information on the new varieties currently planted. The objective of this study was to evaluate the nutritional requirement of four sugarcane varieties, currently very planted, in the cycles of plant-cane, first and second ratoon. The study was installed in a Yellow Oxisol. The experimental design was a randomized block design, with five replications, and four treatments: RB867515, RB92579, SP813250 and VAT90212. During maturation of the cane, in the three evaluation cycles, the productivity of natural biomass and the nutritional requirement of macronutrients of the varieties were determined. It was evidenced that the cultivars of sugarcane are of high productive potential and resemble the accumulation of biomass, observing a yield of 158, 128 and 107 t ha-1 in the cycles of plant-cane, first and second ratoon. Regarding the nutritional requirement, the varieties did not differ among them and expressed the following order of need in the plant-cane K > N > Ca > Mg > S > P, in the first and second ratoon, the sequence observed was K > N > Ca > S > Mg > P.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.