Enhancing the Biodiversity of Insects Pollinators through Flowering Grass Strips

  •  Yanko Dimitrov    
  •  Nedyalka Palagacheva    
  •  Rositsa Mladenova    
  •  Plamen Zorovski    
  •  Stoyan Georgiev    
  •  Zheko Radev    


The extensive use of plant protection products in agricultural practice and obtaining high and top quality yields results in decline of a major part of the natural regulators and the insects-pollinators. The reduction in their numbers in agricultural areas poses a threat for the pollination of entomophilous plants on global scale. The objective of this study was to establish areas of flowering varieties of grass mixes, ensuring proper habitats and food source for the pollinators of agricultural crops. The tests showed that the plant varieties in the grass mixes blossomed in the period April to June (1.5-2 months), providing varying species of pollinators, depending on the plants species. In the different-coloured layers of the grass mixtures: white, purple and yellow, the following pollinators were determined: Apis mellifera L., Megachile sp., Halictus scabiosae Rossi, Lasioglossum xanthopus Kirby, Melita leporita, Andrena flavipes Panzer., Macropis europaeae Warn., Anthidium manicatum L., Ceratina cucurbitina Rossi and Ceratina sp.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.