Organic Fungicides with Adjuvants in the Prevention of Diseases at Wheat

  •  Silvio Ferreira    
  •  Adriana Salvalaggio    
  •  Jaqueline de Barbosa    
  •  Neumarcio Costa    


The efficiency of fungal solutions, without wheat in organic systems, can be improved with the use of adjuvants. The objective of this study was to evaluate the dispersion of fungal droplets of organic fungicides with adjuvants in wheat leaves and disease control efficiency. The experimental design used was the completely randomized design in factorial scheme 2 × 3, with 6 repetitions. The first factor corresponded to fungal solutions bordeaux syrup (200 g L-1) and lime sulfur syrup (200 g L-1) and second factor to the adjuvants: mineral oil and vegetable oil (0.5% v v-1) and one Witness without application.. On the adaxial side, the use of the mineral oil provided scatter of drop 111.8 and 25.7% higher, to the grouts without adjuvants and vegetable oil, respectively. The greater spreading of the droplets on the two foliar faces and a lower incidence of the diseases with the product of the lime sulfur syrup + mineral oil. The use of the adjuvants in the syrups evaluated with positive results in the production components, standing out the mineral oil.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.