Comparative Evaluation of some Physical and Biochemical Quality Attributes of Cocoa Beans Produced in Assin Fosu, Assin Bereku and Nkawie Cocoa Districts of Ghana

  •  Bonaventure Kissinger Maalekuu    
  •  Nicholas Teye    


Cocoa contributes significantly to the economy of Ghana due to the premium quality it enjoys in the international market. However, the quality of Ghana cocoa is dwindling gradually making buyers raise serious concerns about the negative impact of poor quality cocoa beans on their products. The study was conducted at Assin Fosu and Assin Bereku cocoa districts in the Central region and Nkawie cocoa district in the Ashanti region. The research was field survey, cut test as well as laboratory work. It was a 3 by 2 factorial experiment in completely randomized design with three replications. There were two factors: the first consisted of the various locations (districts) the study was conducted whilst the second factor comprised the varieties of cocoa (Amelonado and ‘Akokorabedi’) obtained from the various locations. The survey report showed that there were differences in postharvest practices by farmers such as turning during fermentation and duration of fermentation. A report from the cut test revealed that the interaction effect between cocoa varieties and the locations were of significant difference for percentage mouldy cocoa beans (p = 0.00) and slaty cocoa beans (p = 0.05) at 5% probability level. For percentage mouldy beans, Assin Fosu District (location) recorded the highest (2.57%) mean value whilst Nkawie cocoa district (location) recorded the least (0.89%). Similarly, the interaction effect between cocoa varieties and the locations for percentage free fatty acid content (p = 0.01) and pH (p = 0.00) was significantly different at 1% probability level. Assin Fosu District (location) recorded the highest (1.22%) mean percentage free fatty acid value whilst Nkawie district (location) registered the least (1.15%). For pH, Nkawie District (location) recorded the highest (5.82) whilst Assin Fosu district (location) registered the least (5.50). Generally, cocoa beans from the various locations (districts) were of good quality since they all fell within the range of Quality Control Company Limited quality standards, however, beans from Nkawie cocoa district were rated as the best in terms of physical and biochemical quality attributes of the beans.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.