Ordered Logistic Analysis of Farmers’ Market Regulations: Who Finds Them Easy?

  •  Jean Dominique Gumirakiza    
  •  Amber Daniel    


This study applies an ordered logistic regression to data collected in 2015 using in-person survey, mail, and online surveys from fresh produce vendors at farmers’ markets within the south central and western Kentucky regions. The purpose was to explain levels of difficult the vendors face when complying with market regulations. Results indicate that an average fresh produce vendor at farmers’ market is 26 percent likely going to comply with market regulations easily, 69 percent moderately, and 4 percent hardly. Participating in CSA and “local” labeling programs, years of farming experience, and being a male vendor are associated with finding relatively easy to comply with farmers markets regulations. Market managers and policy makers will find this study useful in ensuring that those regulations pose no greater difficult to the vendors. Likewise, findings are useful to the vendors for they indicate variables that make easier for them to comply with the regulations.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.