The Content of Sulphur in the Soil and Plant from Park Areas Exposed to Traffic Pollution

  •  Hanna Jaworska    
  •  Anetta Siwik-Ziomek    
  •  Katarzyna Matuszczak    


Sulphur occurs in many environmental compounds. Source of this element may be natural as also anthropogenic origin, for example related with the development of road traffic. The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of traffic on the content of total and sulphate sulphur in forest soils and plant material. The selected physicochemical properties of soils were determined: soil texture by laser diffraction method, soil pH by potentiometric method, total organic carbon (TOC) by Tiurin method. The content of total and sulphate sulphur in research material was determined by Bardsley-Lancaster method modified by COMN-IUNG. All analyses were performed in three replicates and the verification of the results was based on the certified material Till-3. Statistical analysis of the results were performed in Statistica 12.0 for Windows Pl software. Examined research material was characterized by medium, high and anthropogenic origin content of total and sulphate sulphur. Undertaken studies showed that the traffic could have an adverse influence on the content of sulphur in soils and plant material.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.