Gender Differences in Attitude towards the Learning of Agricultural Science in Senior High Schools in the Assin South District of the Central Region, Ghana

  •  Ransford Darko    
  •  Shouqi Yuan    
  •  Sarah Opoku    
  •  Christina Ansah    
  •  Junping Liu    
  •  Nancy Ansah    


Agriculture has predominantly been observed as the activity of men with little or no interest by women hence this study was conducted in two public senior high schools in the Assin South district of the Central region of Ghana aimed to investigate gender differences in attitude towards the learning of agricultural science. A sample of 198, comprising of 188 students and 10 teachers of agricultural science took part in the survey. The research instrument used for the data collection was questionnaire which was developed by the researchers in two different forms, one for the agricultural science students and the other for the agricultural science teachers. Research findings from the study indicated that gender had no significant influence on students’ attitude towards the learning of agricultural science. Also, the attitude of female students towards agricultural science as a profession is not different from that of the male students. The study again concluded that teachers and parents play a key role influencing students to pursue related science courses. However students should be given the room to express their choice of programme to pursue at the senior high level. It must be reiterated that teachers have a major role to play in increasing and sustaining the interest of students in the study of agricultural science. The study recommends that students especially females should be encouraged, towards building a positive attitude in learning of agricultural science to take up major future roles related to the field.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.