Grain Quality of Doubled Haploid Lines in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Produced by Anther Culture

  •  M. Fazaa    
  •  A. EL Sabagh    
  •  G. Anis    
  •  I. EL-Rewainy    
  •  C. Barutçular    
  •  M. Yildirim    
  •  M. Islam    


Genetic devlopment to imrove genotypes with high quality is the most important approach of rice. Thus, anther culture technique is one of straight forward approaches for improvement of rice cultivars with good grain quality. Therefore, this investigation aimed to develop some doubled haploid lines (DH) through anther culture technique and evaluate them along with their five parents including two check varieties for some nutritional characteristics. The results indicated that the three mineral element contents (Zn, Mn and Fe) of rice grain were clearly different among genotypes (DH), which implied that genotypic variations might provide opportunities to select for higher mineral element content. Analysis of variance revealed that the differences among genotypes were significant for all studied traits. Highly significant positive correlations were recognized among the studied characteristics. Accordingly, Rice lines with the high nutritional values will use as donors for this trait in rice breeding programs for exploitation and in hybridization.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.