Empirical Research on the Priority Sequence of Entrepreneurial Factors of Agricultural Scientific Commissioners

  •  Lei Xu    
  •  Xinhong Fu    
  •  Jun Li    


Based on the survey of 254 agricultural scientific commissioners in Sichuan, China, this paper selects eight
factors affecting agricultural scientific commissioners' entrepreneurs. And agricultural scientific commissioners
include two types, which are those who have been entrepreneurial and those who are ready to act as
entrepreneurs. The work aims to determine if there exists significant demand differences for factors affecting the
two types of commissioners with the method of Wilcoxon rank sum test, and then to rank the factors-priority
sequence. The result shows that, at present, the most urgently demanded elements of agricultural scientific
commissioner’s entrepreneurs are the three platforms for information service, for financial service, and for
research-outcomes shown and exchanged, while the demand for the policies is relatively weak.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.