Ascorbic Acid Distribution in Three Introgression Lines of Tomato

  •  Maria Minutolo    
  •  Antonio Di Matteo    
  •  Carmine Amalfitano    
  •  Antonio Evidente    
  •  Luigi Monti    
  •  Angela Errico    


Total ascorbic acid (total-AsA) content and percentage of reduced ascorbic acid on total-AsA (AsA%) were investigated and discussed in fruits, leaves, petiole, stem and roots of the Solanum lycopersicum cv M82 and S. pennellii introgression lines IL7-3, IL10-1 and IL12-4. In fruits total-AsA content showed to be different according to genotype analysed. Higher total-AsA accumulations was observed for IL7-3 and IL12-4 followed by M82 and IL10-1. Total-AsA was generally higher in leaves than in petioles, stems and roots of all genotypes. In roots higher total-AsA concentration and lower AsA% was generally observed in introgression lines than M82, in particular for IL7-3.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.