An Evaluation of Groundnut Processing by Women in a Rural Area of North Central Nigeria

  •  Hussaini Ibrahim    
  •  Napoleon Saingbe    
  •  Hassan Ibrahim    


This study evaluated the economic empowerment potentials of groundnut processing by women in rural areas of North
central Nigeria state using a sample of 100 women processors randomly selected from the study area. Data analysis was
done using Descriptive statistics, Net Farm Income Model and Data Envelopment Analysis (D.E.A). An average net
returns of N10, 586.6 was obtainable within a processing cycle. The average pure technical and scale efficiency scores
were 80 and 83 percent respectively. The major constraints confronting the processing of groundnut include inadequate
capital for expansion and lack of processing machines. A significant opportunity exists for empowering rural women
through groundnut processing.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.