Building the Capacity of Farmer Based Organisation for Sustainable Rice Farming in Northern Ghana

  •  Quaye Wilhemina    
  •  Yawson Ivy    
  •  Manful Tawiah    
  •  Gayin Joseph    


This study assessed the perceptions of stakeholders concerning implementation activities of a Food Security and Rice
Producers Organisation Project (FSRPOP) in Northern Ghana. The project aimed at building the capacities of farmer
based organisations (FBOs) to assist rice farmers access credit, organise production inputs and improve market access.
The study results showed that although access to input supply and production credit improved, enhancing farmers’
marketing capacity was not successful. The management capacity of the FBOs was weak in performing more complex
administrative issues and market facilitating roles. Timely provision of production inputs, use of custom based
processing and credit inventory system for maximum profit were some of the lessons learnt. Facilitation of farmer -
medium scale buyer linkages and the development of lessons-based action plan for change with beneficiaries were

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.