Candidate Genes Polymorphism and Its Association to Prolificacy in Chinese Goats

  •  Yuanqing He    
  •  Xiaoke Ma    
  •  Xiaoyong Liu    
  •  Cunxia Zhang    
  •  Jun Li    


To find the candidate gene concerned with prolificacy in goats, the most part nucleotide sequence of four genes,
including GDF9 gene, BMP15 gene, BMPR1B gene, and INH? gene were identified in three goat breeds for their
probable association to the high fecundity. The results showed that none of polymorphism of GDF9 gene, BMP15 gene
and BMPR1B gene was tested in goats, and one mutation was detected in INH? gene. The genotype distributions of
INH? gene were significantly difference between year-round estrous goat breeds and seasonal estrous goat breeds
revealing the association to the prolificacy in goats.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.