Analysis of Competition Power of Iranian Almond Export

  •  Azizi Jafar    
  •  Yazdani Saeed    


This study has been done in 2007 year to examine the competition power of Iranian almond in export markets and its
relative advantages among the countries that are involved almond production and trade. A time series data for years
1970-2002 were analyzed to reach the study objectives. The RCA and RSCA indices were estimated to measure the
competition power of almond in World market. The results indicated that based on introduced criteria, the value of
RCA has been dropped from 222.71 in 1970 to 4.10 in 2002. So, this means that the position of Iran in almond export
market is decreasing. Negative correlation between RCA of Iran and the USA shows that United State has been able to
outshine Iran export market using new technologies. According to the estimated export function, it seems that the
variables such as domestic GDP, wholesale price Index and foreign exchange rate have a significant impact on export of

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