Performance of Some Alfalfa Cultivars under Salinity Stress Conditions

  •  A. Badran    
  •  Esraa ElSherebeny    
  •  Y. Salama    


The experiment was aimed at assessing the response of three alfalfa (Medicajo sativa L.) varieties viz., Giza 1, Al-hasawi and Siwa 1 under two salinity levels during 2012 and 2013 growing seasons. The statistical analysis revealed significant differences among varieties for various traits associated with salt tolerance under salinity stress. Regarding to stress tolerance index, the results confirm that Al-hasawi cv. and Siwa 1 cv. were found to be more tolerant of salinity than Giza 1 cv. According to correlation and path analysis, proline and chlorophyll content recorded the highest positive direct effect on dry weight per plant (1.135 and 0.693 respectively,). At biochemical level, analysis of soluble protein by SDS-PAGE revealed that percentage of polymorphic and monomorphic were 75 and 25 respectively. Also, the molecular weights of some salt responsive proteins (16.4, 29.5, 33.9 and 37 kDa) are necessary to select the tolerant varieties under salinity stress in alfalfa plant.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.