Seedling Morphology of (Euterpe precatoria MART.) under Levels of Irradiance

  •  O. P. Da Silva Neto    
  •  Ires Miranda    
  •  Edelcilio Barbosa    
  •  Zilvanda Melo    
  •  Carla Coelho    
  •  Ana Ferreira    
  •  Thiago Miranda    


The Euterpe precatoria Mart. palm. (Acai-do-Amazonas) has been investigated with the aim of sustainability. The palm that is mainly used for basic nutrition of local populations, could also form the basis for models of self-sustained technological and industrial development. The extractive exploitation mainly in riverside communities, where its use is essential in food, it presents insufficient to attend a business model in isolated communities. Therefore, the study was based on obtaining knowledge and its potential applicability in the production of seedling, by increasing levels of irradiance in order to evaluate its growth in diameter, height and number of leaves. In the analysis of growth in different irradiation levels E. precatoria Mart. showed no significant difference in height, the diameter had high development in seedlings subjected to higher levels of irradiance and the number of leaves was higher in the environment with lower irradiance index. The behavior exhibited by the species suggests that E. precatoria tolerates environments with different levels of irradiance.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.