Impact of Farmer Mentorship Project on Farm Efficiency and Income in Rural Ghana

  •  Edward Martey    
  •  Wilson Dogbe    
  •  Prince Etwire    
  •  Alexander Wiredu    


This paper examines the impact of participation in Agricultural Value Chain Mentorship Project on farm efficiency and income of soybean farmers in Northern Region of Ghana. Due to the exogenous and non-random assignment of the intervention, propensity score matching analysis was used to estimate impact on a cross-section of 200 smallholder farmers. Participation in farmer mentorship project impacts positively on farm technical efficiency by 28 percent. However, participation did not significantly translate into higher farm income. This finding suggests that exposing farmers to agricultural development projects may directly increase their technical capability wtihtin the short term but does not guarantee higher income. The design of any agricultural development project must incorporate the specific needs of farmers to ensure ownership, increased participation and sustainability.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.