Effect of Kemzyme - Bentonite Co-supplementation on Cecal Fermentation and Metabolic Pattern in Rabbit

  •  M. A. Abdl-Rahman    
  •  F. A. R. Sawiress    
  •  Sohair Y. Saleh    


With the objective of improving the impact of multi-enzymes feed additives on cecal fermentation pattern and rabbit metabolism, sodium bentonite was co-supplemented with “Kemzyme”, a multi-enzyme blend of Kemin Agrifoods Europe. Co-supplementation decreased cecal pH value, increased total VFAs concentration, increased propionates at the expence of acetates and butyrates, increased  fermentation efficieny and VFAs utilization. Additionally, co-supplementation increased serum glucose concentration and decreased serum triglycerides and cholesterol concentration. Cecal ammonia nitrogen and serum urea concentration were also decreased by co-supplementation while no change was recorded in serum total proteins concentration. The study therefore, suggested that, coupling bentonite to multi-enzyme feed additives could improve the impact of such enzymes on cecal fermentation pattern and rabbit metablism.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.