Studies on the Responses of Root, Shoot and Drought Resistance in the Seedlings of Forage Triticale to Water Stress

  •  Wei Zhang    
  •  Cheng Li    
  •  Chuangjian Qian    
  •  Lianpu Cao    


In order to investigate the identification index of drought resistance in the forage triticale seedlings, 30 triticales with
different genotypes were identified by 20%–PEG6000. Results showed that responses of each gene to water stress were
relatively obvious, water content decreased, the root-shoot ratio enhanced, and leaf curvature and root hyperplasied;
There was significant difference among different genotypes, material 27,29,30 showed a good representation to water
stress, and their root status were also good. The variation regularity of water content and root hyperplasia was good and
they had a great significant correlation. But the variation of root-shoot ratio is relatively complex, other factors should
be taken further consideration in the application.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.