Competitiveness in Michoacán: A Proposal for an International Positions in Agroindustrial Sector

  •  Odette Delfin-Ortega    
  •  Joel Valencia    


The present research has as aim, to determine the ways in which are affected the quality, the price, the technological innovation, the environmental management, the market and the public agro industrial policies in the international competitiveness of the agro industrial sector of Michoacan. It was located 51 agroindustrial companies that are exporting. It was used as instrument of compilation of information a questionnaire composed of 80 items. Once the information was processed, it was determined the correlational analysis, linear regression and attempts at hypothesis. We can see with the results that the state is competitive in this sector and that the variables explain 97% of the competitiveness. The variable that determined the competitiveness with greater proportion was the technological innovation, so it requires public policies that strengthen this indicator and the sector can be even more competitive. In the other hand public polices in agro business got the lowest score and there is a gap in the implementation of programs and modernization in the sector that causes both nationally and internationally doesn´t be strong in the area of agribusiness Michoacan, so it must strengthen these policies from the national development plan.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.