Evaluation and Modeling of Microbial Population Dynamics of Degraded Sandy Quarry for Their Rehabilitation and Revegetation

  •  Hassiba Delal    
  •  Hassini Tsaki    
  •  Meriem Bekki    
  •  Abdelkader Bekki    


Our study was conducted in the sandy quarry of Terga located at the mouth of Wadi EL Malah in the wilaya of Ain Témouchent (northwest coast of Algeria). This region has a major problem of soil degradation which often leads to the abandonment of large farmland areas and a form of progressive desertification of the environment.

To rehabilitate soils and landscapes degraded of this area ,our research is proposed to identify and study the activity of microbial population by comparing the results to the soil environment characterization and found that the soil is very poor of nutrients, organic matter (less than 1%) in the presence of an alkaline (pH greater than 9). These adverse conditions hinder the development of microbial flora essential for growth and plant nutrition soil.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.