Colonization of Streptomyces felleus YJ1 and Its Effects on Disease Resistant-Related Enzymes of Oilseed Rape

  •  Guanglong Cheng    
  •  Fan Liu    
  •  Yun Huang    
  •  Hui Yang    
  •  Jia Yao    
  •  Huirong Shen    
  •  Jie Xu    


Streptomyces felleus YJ1 has strong antagonism against Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, and it can be used for preventing this fungal disease in oilseed rape in the greenhouse. Under greenhouse conditions, we determined the colonization dynamic variation of YJ1 in soil and rape; and the changes of defensive enzymes of rape induced by YJ1 were measured. The results showed that, YJ1 could colonize chronically in soil; and it could also colonize in roots of rape and conduct to the stem and leaves, suggesting good colonization potential. After the rapes were processed by YJ1 fermentation liquid broth, the changes of defensive enzymes (SOD, PPO, POD etc.) in rape were measured. The results showed that, the activities of defensive enzymes changed significantly, especially in the four days later, the SOD, POD, PPO and PAL activities were significantly higher than that of inoculated with S. sclerotiorum and control, and maintained at a high level. Those results indicated that induced systemic resistance of rape maybe one of antagonistic mechanism of YJ1 against S. sclerotiorum.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.