Constraints and Challenges Facing the Small Scale Farmers in Limpopo Province, South Africa

  •  Sylvester Mpandeli    
  •  Phokele Maponya    


Macro- and micro-structural constraints, including those linked to and exacerbated by historical, natural and financial factors are some of the many stressors facing small-scale farmers in Limpopo Province. The challenge is to co-design ways to effectively manage these constraints with development actions. Small scale farmers in South Africa are still facing major challenges in the agricultural sector. In this paper some of the challenges faced by small-scale farmers in the Limpopo Province have been identified. Some of the challenges found during the formal surveys and focus group meetings in the Tshakhuma, Rabali and Tshiombo areas were those linked to financial, assets, land ownership and biophysical factors. Specific constraints included: (a) Market information and market access; (b) Price of inputs, for example fertilizer and herbicides; (c) Availability of inputs; (d) Irrigation; (e) Cost of transport, and Natural constraint.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.