Statistical Analysis of Main and Interaction Effects to Optimize Xylanase Production under Submerged Cultivation Conditions

  •  Mullai P    
  •  N. Syed Fathima    
  •  Eldon Rene    


In recent years, xylanase has become an essential option for environmental friendly industrial biotechnological
applications and there is a rising demand for large scale production. In this study, a Bacillus species 2129 was tested for
the xylanase production under submerged cultivation conditions. Maximum xylanase activities were achieved using oat
as the substrate and by optimizing process conditions such as substrate concentration, pH and nitrogen source using
statistically significant design of experiments, employing the response surface methodology (RSM) concept. Under
optimized conditions there was an 8% increase in the enzyme activity and results from statistical approximation in the
form of analysis of variance (ANOVA) shows that the squared effects of the variables were significant than both the
main and interaction effects.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.