The Organic Planting Ribbon (OPR) Made of Banana Sheath and Its Effect on Rice Growth in Direct Seedling System

  •  G. Djoyowasito    
  •  W. Utomo    
  •  B. Suharto    
  •  Nur Basuki    


The research was conducted to examine the characteristics of organic planting ribbon (OPR) made of banana sheath and its effect on rice growth planted with a direct seedling system. The experimental treatments consisted of two factors, i.e.: the material for ribbon decomposer (Urea and Ammonium Sulfate, AS), and the composition of ribbon material (100: 0, 90: 10 and 80: 20 of water hyacinth and banana sheath mixture). The experiment was arranged Randomized Block Design Factorial with the ribbon decomposer as the main factor and done in three replications. The results demonstrated that the addition of banana sheath increased the tensile strength and penetration resistance of OPR. The increase of OPR tensile strength had advantages because the materials did not easily break up. On the other hand, although there was an increase of the penetration resistance, the value was still below the maximum root growth pressure, so that it did not inhibit seed germination. The ribbon characteristics were influenced either by ribbon decomposer or ribbon material proportion. Increasing levels of banana sheath the C/N ratio and lowered the speed of decomposition. The use of OPR in rice direct seedling did not influence germination percentage and germination rate.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.