The Value-Added Dog Food Market: Do Dog Owners Prefer Natural or Organic Dog Foods?

  •  Jennifer Simonsen    
  •  Gaylene Faskeno    
  •  Jay Lillywhite    


This research provides novel information on dog food attributes that influence a dog owner’s food purchase decision, examining preferences as they relate to natural and organic ingredients using a discrete choice experiment. A total of 661 U.S. dog owners were surveyed. Results suggest respondents prefer dog food made with natural ingredients to dog foods made with conventional or organic ingredients. Although price was the most important attribute, ingredient source (e.g. natural, 75/25% organic/non-organic or 100/0% organic/non-organic) was more important than the other dog food attributes studied (package size, product recommendation, and product formula). The product combination that provided the highest level of survey respondent satisfaction was a 5-pound package of natural dog food that came recommended by a veterinarian and used an age and size-specific formula.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.