Results of Rearing Broiler Chickens Under Various Systems

  •  Joanna Kuzniacka    
  •  Marek Adamski    
  •  Rafal Czarnecki    
  •  Miroslaw Banaszak    


The aim of the study was comparison of the results of rearing broilers kept under intensive and semi-intensive systems, fed with complete feeds with an addition of various proportions of wheat grain. The study was carried out on 100 broilers, HUBBARD – FLEX, of both sexes. The birds were reared up to 42 days of age in an intensive system (group I), as well as in a semi-intensive system (group II). In the 5th week of rearing, in the nutrition of group II, 30% of complete feed was replaced with wheat grain, increasing its proportion in the dose up to 50% in the last week of rearing. System of keeping broilers did not affect significantly their bodyweight at the end of rearing, as well as their meat yield and muscle content in carcasses. Chicken fed with complete feeds, kept under an intensive system were distinguished by higher fattiness expressed as an abdominal fat weight, as well as by lower average intake of feed mixtures per individual broiler.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.