Measuring Agricultural Support for Tajikistan

  •  Parviz Khakimov    
  •  Ira Pawlowski    
  •  P. Schmitz    


This paper endeavours to estimate the agricultural support for Tajikistan based on OECD Producer Support Estimate (PSE) methodology. In accordance to this methodology, the PSE and related other support measure indicators as well as the Nominal Rate of Protection (NRP) are calculated.

The results of the PSE calculation show that agricultural producers in Tajikistan are supported. The support originates mainly from transfers from consumers to producers and other transfer from consumers, while the budgetary payments to producers on national and regional level within specific commodity programmes are insignificant. The transfer from consumers to producers can be explained by higher prices consumers pay for imported commodities in comparison to world market prices due to both, higher insurance and freight costs. However, in comparison to the importance of the agricultural sector in Tajikistan’s economy, the extent of agricultural support is estimated as rather low.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.