Impact of Fertilizers on the Seed Quality of Aromatic Rice

  •  M. Hossain    


This experiment was conducted in field and laboratory to evaluate the effect of fertilizer application doses in mother plant plots on seed viability, germination and vigor (seedling length) of aromatic rice. The aromatic rice varieties Kataribhog, Badshabhog and BRRI dhan37 were grown with five fertilizer treatments viz., control (no fertilizer), recommended NPKSZn chemical fertilizers, cow dung 5 t/ha, green manure (Sesbania rostrata) 10 t/ha and recommended NPKSZn chemical fertilizers with green manure (Sesbania rostrata) 5 t/ha. Seed quality parameters viability, germination and vigor were determined after six months of storage period. Results from tests in the laboratory showed that viability, germination, vigor of aromatic rice seeds were affected by applications of different fertilizer doses in mother plant field, variety and interaction of variety & fertilizer. All the fertilizer treatments except recommended NPKSZn chemical fertilizer dose kept an acceptable level of germination percentage (>80%) but without fertilizer treatment shows better performance in respect of viability, germination and seedling length. Local aromatic rice varieties Kataribhog and Badshabhog performed better than modern aromatic rice variety BRRI dhan37.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.