Evaluation of Single Slop Solar Still Integrated With Evaporative Cooling System for Brackish Water Desalination

  •  Emad Almuhanna    


The thermal performance of a single slope (SS) solar still integrated with a condenser supplied with cooled water from an evaporative cooling system under hot and humid climatic conditions were studied and analyzed. Results of this study shows that the solar energy available inside the still with and without condenser resulted in an increase in the brackish water temperatures of 8.1 ºC. It also increased the temperature of the water vapor inside the still by 12.7 ºC. Due to increase in the intensity of solar radiation and consequently the heat energy stored inside the single slope solar still, the productivity of distilled water was 5941.4 ml/m2 day. The thermal efficiency of the (SS) still without using condenser was on, an average, 54.4%. Connecting the solar still to a condenser led to an increase in the productivity and thermal efficiency to 55.41% and 30.1%, respectively. The obtained data also revealed that the pH (7.9), EC (43.4 ms/cm), and TDS (30.9 ppm) values were lower than those of the brackish water (8.1, 1,436 ms/cm, and 1,370 ppm, respectively).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.