Prunus domestica 'Jojo' – Good Parent for Breeding of New Plum Cultivars Resistant to Plum pox Virus

  •  Edward Zurawicz    
  •  Kris Pruski    
  •  Marek Szymajda    
  •  Mariusz Lewandowski    
  •  Lukasz Seliga    
  •  Tadeusz Malinowski    


The possibility of obtaining new varieties of plum resistant to the Plum pox virus by using traditional breeding methods with resistant lines was assessed in 2007-2012. The source of the resistance was the plum variety ‘Jojo’ that shows a mechanism of local hypersensitivity, which results in the whole plant being resistant. The assessment covered 435 Prunus domestica seedlings from eleven F1 hybrid families which had been obtained with traditional breeding methods by crossing the variety ‘Jojo’ with other plum varieties. The results showed that the variety ‘Jojo’, used either as a maternal or paternal parent, can be a valuable parental form in plum breeding programmes aimed at obtaining varieties resistant to the sharka disease. Three highly hypersensitive genotypes were obtained: # 4, # 48, and # 186, and an additional 14 were selected for further evaluation. Their production value will be assessed in the coming years.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.