Effect of Every-Other Furrow Irrigation on Water Use Efficiency, Starch and Protein Contents of Potato

  •  Mohammad Shayannejad    
  •  Ali Moharreri    


The every-other furrow irrigation is one of the mothods of deficit irrigation in furrow irrigation system. In this research,
a randomized complete block design with three irrigation treatment and four replication on potato was stablished in
Agricultural Research Center,Shahrekord, Iran. The irrigation treatments were: normal furrow irrigation(N), fixed
every-other furrow irrigation(F) and alternative(variable) every-other furrow irrigation(V). The frequency of irrigation
was constant and depth of it was calculated by measurement of soil moisture deficit and the volume of irrigation water
was measured by a volumetric counter. The water and soil quality was normal (EC less than 1 ds/m). The different
fertilizers were used. After harvesting, water use efficiency, starch and protein content were measaured for each plot.
There was significant difference between water use efficiency under different treatments, so that, the F treatment had
the most water use efficiency. The every-other furrow irrigation decreased the starch content significantly. The V
treatment increased the starch content significantly related to F treatment. There was no significant difference between
the protein contents in the three treatments.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.