The Application of Multigamma Radiation as a Physical Mutagen for Breeding of Local Soybean

  •  Bartholomeus Pasangka    
  •  Refly Refly    


The general effect of multigamma radiation causes mutation on the all species of plant. The largest effect of multigamma radiation was occurred on genetics factor and chromosome, specific on structure and composition of chromosome and DNA. This case can be used for breeding of several importent plants in the world. The objective of this research is the breeding of local soybean (Glycine max L) from Bajawa Flores NTT Indoneisa with aplicaton of multigamma radiation to obtain the primer seed of local soybean with high production and tolerant to dry condition. There were ten (10) varieties of primer seed or superior seed was obtained from mutation by multigamma radiation treatment. The production was revolved between 3.78 tons/ha up to 4.92 tons/ha, with mean production 4.41 tons/ha. The mean production of initial soybean (control) is 2.54 tons/ha, just as the production was increased significantly by 42.40 percent.

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