Biochemical Investigation of Leaf Development in Capsicum frutescens

  •  Jalal Ahmed    


The objective of this research was to investigate the developmental regulation of cell wall components and development of leaves of Capsicum frutescens. In order to this, a growth curve was constructed of lengths and widths of fifty Capsicum frutescensleaves measured until growth had stopped (20 days). From the curve, four developmental stages were selected and harvested for further study. A range of proteins with molecular weights from 13.4 to 44 kDa were detected in selected samples by SDS-PAGE. A total of four protein bands C, D, K and L with molecular weights 36.2, 27.7, 16.8 and 16.0 kDa respectively were developmentally regulated during the leaf development. This data provide the basis for further more detailed molecular analyses of leaf development in this research.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.