Effect of Salicylic Acid Pretreatment on Germination of Wheat under Drought Stress

  •  Mehran sharafizad    
  •  Ahmad Naderi    
  •  Seyed Ata siadat    
  •  Tayeb Sakinejad    
  •  Shahram Lak    


Seed priming increases enzyme of antioxidants such as glutathione and ascorbate in seed. These enzymes decrease the activities of lipid peroxidation in stage of germination. As a result, increases the percentage of germination. The aim of this survey is to study the effect of the pretreatment of salicylic acid under the condition of drought stress on features of germination.This research is performed in December 2011, in laboratory of seed control branch of Khuzestan. Wheat seeds of Chamran cultivars were transferred to Petridish containing 10 ml solution of polyethylene Glycol (6000) with potential [0 ( control), -5, -10 and -15 bar] after soaking in solution [0 (distilled water, 0.7, 1.2, 2.7 mM] of salicylic acid for 24 hours for germination under the condition of drought stress.The result showed that the greatest impact of salicylic acid on reducing the germination time was at low level of stress. The highest percentage of germination and affecting traits on it was obtained byseed soaking treatment with salicylic acid with minimum amount (0.7 mM). the best result was obtained from low level of stress.The percentage of germination had positive and significant correlation with : average daily germination (0.988**), coefficientof germination rate (0.971**), length of radicle (0.363**), length of plumule (0.604**) length of seedling (0.765 **) and seed vigor (0.870**) and it has negative and significant correlation with: daily germination rate (-0.935**), germination energy (-0.7668**) and Allometric trait (-0.501**). More energy is required for germination in high density of SA and high level of drought stress, in addition, the time needed for germination will be more. Seed vigor and power index off seedling decreased in high density of SA and high level of drought stress.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.