Position and Density of Pistillate Inflorescences of Some Hazelnut Cultivars Grown in Iran

  •  Abdollah Hosseinpour    
  •  Esmaeil Seifi    
  •  Thomas Molnar    


Little work has been done to examine the position and density of pistillate inflorescences (PIs) in hazelnut. In this study, characteristics of PIs of three Iranian cultivars (“Pashmine”, “Tabestane”, and “Shastak”) and three imported cultivars (“Barcelona”, “Merveille”, and “Prostorika”) were examined over one year and compared. Overall, results showed strong similarities between cultivars in density of flowering shoots per branch with the density of PIs notably higher in the upper section of the branches. Significant variation was observed between cultivars in the percent of terminally and laterally located PIs and average number of pistillate flowers per inflorescence. However, more PIs per inflorescence did not necessarily result in more nuts per cluster or higher yield. These preliminary results indicate that the Iranian and imported cultivars share many similar PI characteristics. However, they also suggest that other genetic and environmental factors contribute to nuts produced per cluster and total crop yield. The results provide a foundation from which further studies can be completed on the relationships between PIs and yield in hazelnut.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.