Effect of Different Land-Use Patterns on Soil Fertility Characteristics

  •  Hui LIU    
  •  Chang-quan WANG    
  •  Mei YANG    
  •  Shang-chun XIE    
  •  Lei WANG    


In this paper, a field survey and analysis about the fertility of cultivated layer soil for various usage in Wen Jiang District was carried out. The main results were as follows: the content of organic matter in the cultivated layer of sodded soil has a slight increase. The content of soil alkaline hydrolysis N was positively correlated with the content of soil organic matter. The content of available P and available K decreased after forestation or sodding. After paddy soil was transformed to garden, the soil fertility was affected in some extent. If the soil was fertilized properly, especially when prescription fertilization was adopted, the variety of soil properties was small and there was no evident obstacle in resuming rice planting, especially for the soil that was used to replant deciduous shrubbery. So far as retaining soil fertility was paid attention to, most of the transformed soil could be resumed as before. So this land utilization mode was worth to be encouraged and extended at present stage.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.