Effects of Soil Texture and Water Retaining Agent on the Emergence of Processing Tomatoes

  •  Feibi Chen    
  •  Xinde Lu    


In the present paper, effects of two factors including soil texture(sand content rate) and water retaining agent on the
emergence ratio of processing tomatoes were investigated through general regression of agricultural design testing and
data-processing system (DPS),with attempts to obtain the best agronomic measures according to the model The linear
relationship between design factors and target values (Emergence rate) of the test model and effects of one degree item,
quadratic item and interaction item were also observed in the present paper. Result showed the optimal intervals of X1
and X2 ranged from 0.83251~1.167949(g/100g) and 15.1765~34.8235%, respectively.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.