Callogenesis and Organogensis Studies in Some Accessions of Saccharum officnarum L.

  •  Smiullah .    
  •  Farooq Ahmad Khan    
  •  Abdullah .    
  •  Rameez Iftikhar    
  •  M Muzaffar Raza    
  •  Rasheda Aslam    
  •  Ghazanfar Hammad    
  •  Ambreen Ijaz    
  •  Rana Haroon Maqsood    
  •  Usman Ijaz    
  •  Usman Ijaz    


The aim of the present study was to investigate the response of three sugarcane accessions viz., S-2003-US-824, S-2003-US-230 and SPF-246 for callogenesis and organogenesis. The genotypes showed high value of callus score ranging 2.37 to 2.7. Genotype S-2003-US-824 was highest callus producer with an average of 2.7 callus score per test tube. Genotypes S2003-US-230 and SPF-246 were statistically similar with an average 2.37 and 2.49 respectively. Concentrations of 2, 4 D from 1 5 mg/I were considered to be the good for callus induction with best performance at 3 mg/l. Leaf and pith explants showed good response to callus production but the leaf explant performed better with average callus score of 2.83 per test tube which is statistically different from pith explant (2.21). Thus, it can be inferred that leaf explant is a good source of callus induction than pith explant.

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