Treating Infertile Milk Cows by Traditional Chinese Medicine

  •  Ruiqing Luo    
  •  Xinli Gu    


The infertility of milk cow is a world problem with high incidence rate. Reportedly, in the world dairy industry, the
proportion of the infertile milk cow was about 15% in the total mature cows (Donald L B, 1978, P.309), and some
others thought this number achieved about 30% according to the statistics (Bulman D C, 1980, P.177-188). In US, there
are 12%~19% cows which are eliminated through selection because of sterility and breeding diseases every year, and
this number achieves above 40% in all unqualified cows (Jiang, 1990, P.38-41). In China, the infertile rate of mature
cows achieves above 25%, and the rate in some cattle farms with imperfect management and bad technical conditions
even achieves above 40% (Jiang, 1990, P.38-41). According to the statistics, in a cattle village in the northeast, there
were 62 infertile cows in 212 cows, and the infertile rate achieved 29.25%, and in the region of Jinan, Shandong, there
were 342 mature cows in 5 collective cattle farms, one civil cattle farm and one cattle breeding village, and the amount
of the infertile milk cow achieved 97, i.e. 28.36% of the total amount of mature cows. In the region of Shihezi in
Xinjiang, the infertile rate was 22.5%, and the infertile rate in Fujian Province achieved above 10%. In recent years,
according to Chinese traditional medicine, Chinese veterinary scientists have accumulated abundant experiences to
prevent and cure the infertility of milk cow, and explored the pharmacology of the function of Chinese traditional

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